Slamin Fatbeatz Media LLC is a small Media based company located in the Pacific Northwest. The company was founded 2010 by Catherine Matsuura aka DJ Puddee with the inspiration of Motown, Run DMC, Queen Latifah and other great pioneers. Being an artist and a media person by trade birthed a Musical web-based platform allowing DJ Puddee and those of a creative nature who aspire to express themselves through their music. 

We offer opportunities by providing services to help artists develop by giving them local, national, and global exposure via radio, magazine and music distribution and soon live stream television. 

Our hopes are to be up and running again soon. We are a Black owned company, and we are looking for investors to invest in the future of Black music. We have all seen many scandalous acts in the music industry and we have all heard the word copyright infringement. We are not the music police but we sure can educate artist who need support in this industry that they have chosen. Right now, more than ever we need our Black media because Black Lives Matter 2. We welcome and embrace everyone without denying ourselves. The buzz word in 2021 is equity. I feel that a lot of equity has been put into Slamin Fatbeatz Media and it’s time to re-develop and re-brand and expand. In 2015 Catherine underwent a major operation so she had to shut down Slamin Fatbeatz Media for she didn’t have a full crew to help her continue to operate.  During her healing process Catherine had another major operation that almost caused her life. Catherine stepped away from the industry for five long years. During her healing time she engaged in other creative things, but music was always Catherine’s first love. 

Today Catherine is strong and healthy and back to doing the things she loves to do; she is a survivor, and the saga continues.

Our Mission: is to embrace, support, inspire and develop anyone who is musically inclined and wants to be a part of something great, we’ve got the platform to bring you into the spotlight.